This young designer turns waste from the wine industry into handbags.

The collaboration between the cool, Swedish, non alcohol wine company aptly named, Oddbird and the unique Handbag Designer Meng Du using our future grape leather made it into Scandinavian Vogue. Partnering with Swedish wine producer OddBird, young designer Meng Du releases handbags made from grape leather. With a tipple for sustainably made handbags, Vogue Scandinavia spoke to […]

Start Up De La Semaine on BFM Marseille

It’s so exciting that we were called “Start Up of the Week” by local tv channel @bfmmarseille and through @lafrenchtechaixmarseille . Un grand merci à vous! 🍇💫🍇💫🍇 Watch the full BFM Marseille feature here: You may also interested in…